"Pria possesses a rare combination of qualities - strong technical knowledge, business acumen, logical thinking, pragmatism and an ability to convey her point of view across in a direct and straight-forward manner. Her frank and open attitude and eagerness to help others has won many friends. She is a very hard-working professional who is respected by colleagues and clients alike. I can sincerely recommend Pria as a valuable asset for any organization." *Via LinkedIn* 

Imran Shaik NajeebuddinDirector - Strategy, Infrastructure, Restructuring and Corporate Finance at KPMG June 3, 2011, Imran managed Pria directlyView Original Recomendation

 "Pria is one of the most tenacious and hard working team members, I have had the privilege of working with. She is has a good eye for detail, can analyse complex problems using defined frameworks and articulate her findings in a report that is simple to understand and implement. Her ability to manage clients is also praise worthy. Her exit from my team was a loss; but for the physical ditance from her residence to our office, I would have convinced her to continue with CRISIL." *Via LinkedIn* 

Ramnath IyerRamnath was senior to Pria but didn't manage Pria directlyView Original Recommendation

 "Pria's work is great. She has helped me create a detailed business plan and financial study that was amazing, no detail was left behind and calculated for. Would come back for any future project. The go to person for getting things done." *Via LinkedIn* 

Wassim Sami FarhoudManaging Director at MOTIV8 Events & Media Managing Director at Amalfi FoodsView Original Recomendation

 "Pria was working with me while at BDO. She has a knack for planning and analysis and an eye for detail. Pria is good with numbers and produces well-articulated, quality work. I found her to be a very intelligent, responsible individual who takes initiatives and ensures that any assigned task is completed well." "Via LinkedIn* 

Asawari SalviDirector-Business Development at EACIITView Original Recomendation

 "Always a pleasure working with Pria, the experience and exposure she provided during our engagement/ partnership was phenomenal. ." "Via LinkedIn* 

Mashael Isa FairoozFounding Partner at JEO Capital ManagementView Original Recomendation