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Over the years, Pria has worked closely with start-ups and new entrepreneurs looking for business plans, strategy advisory and/or seed funding for their projects:

  • Evaluation and feasibility of a bottled water plant 
  • Business plan and strategy advisory for a confectionary products factory
  • Business plan and strategy advisory to set up a boutique hotel in Bahrain
  • Corporate structure, investor presentation and business plan for the expansion of an international curriculum school 
  • Business Plan and Investor presentation for a niche advisory firm 
  • Business Plan for a new trading initiative in the automotive components space
  • Investor presentation for a niche fund focused on Women Entrepreneurs

While she was a part of larger teams, Pria has worked closely with clients helping them solve diverse problems.

  • She has lead projects to establish Greenfield international schools including finding the international operators and working on all related agreements, licensing and negotiations.
  • She has helped a transport company understand what routes would be best for cargo movement
  • She worked with a solar PV cell manufacturer who needed to raise funds from investors to set up their factory.
  • She has worked on teams with established clients to help them develop operator alliances for their hotels and to expand their portfolio.
  • She has helped her independent clients across Greenfield projects in a number of sectors including education, manufacturing, frozen foods, new businesses advisory, etc.

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